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Backed with years of experience in eCommerce, shipping and marketing across a multitude of industries, Kwikturn Media is the obvious choice. The customized solutions we provide to our customers combined with the ability to do wholesale shipments with R+L Carriers, our parent company, make us the ideal partner. Our experience, talent and freight knowledge make us stand out from the rest. Put our subject matter experts to work for you today.

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The Kwikturn story is powerful. We’ve helped grow businesses across America. Results matter. Learn more about some of our customers, their needs and how we delivered.

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small business trends for 2017

Small Business Issues and Trends for 2017

What’s the future for small business? What promise does 2017 hold for entrepreneurs?  Here’s our look into the small business trends for 2017. Going Global: Financial analysts predict the expansion of opportunities in the global market for small and medium-sized businesses primarily through new avenues for exporting goods and services. The big platforms, such as...

digital marketing predictions for 2017

Kwikturn Media® Offers 2017 Predictions for a Big Year

It’s just two of 365 days of the year: New Year’s Eve Day and New Year’s Day. But tucked in those 48 hours are some big surprises that may lead to a brighter, more prosperous New Year, a year of big profits and strong commercial expansion. Hopes are flying high for 2017: a new president is...

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3 Questions To Help You Ramp Up Social Media Engagement

You’ve likely seen it many times. That lonely Facebook post as you scroll, the quiet little Tweet or the heartless Instagram post. It makes you a little sad seeing them all there by themselves, no likes or comments, no shares or social love. Unfortunately, those posts are suffering from lack of social media engagement.  It’s...

digital marketing strategies

The Digital Marketing Secrets of Scrooge’s Success

Ebenezer Scrooge: “The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, made his eyes red, his thin lips blue, and spoke out shrewdly in his grating voice.” It’s no wonder. Did you look at Scrooge’s marketing strategy? It was simply atrocious, enough to spur any aspiring entrepreneur to say with a huff...