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Backed with years of experience in eCommerce, shipping and marketing across a multitude of industries, Kwikturn Media is the obvious choice. The customized solutions we provide to our customers combined with the ability to do wholesale shipments with R+L Carriers, our parent company, make us the ideal partner. Our experience, talent and freight knowledge make us stand out from the rest. Put our subject matter experts to work for you today.

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The Kwikturn story is powerful. We’ve helped grow businesses across America. Results matter. Learn more about some of our customers, their needs and how we delivered.

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WordPress for small business

8 Reasons To Use WordPress for Your Small Business Website

You likely already have a website for your business. After all, it is 2017. But do you have the website your business needs? Does it allow you to convert traffic into sales? Does it offer seamless shipping rates? Is it a fast-loading site? Has your website been updated in the last five years? If you...

branding your small business

5 Tips For Branding Your Small Business

So you’re a small business owner looking to ramp things up where branding is concerned. You know it’s important but you’re just not sure where to start with branding your small business. We think you'll agree that branding can sometimes seem like a puzzle. Many of the pieces you need are right in front of...

eCommerce shipping costs

Ecommerce Freight Costs: The Myth Of Free Shipping

You’re happy. Your employees are happy. You just made another big sale. You and your crew are preparing the shipment to your customer, and it hits you, just like it did the last time: the freight charges! Everything else about your process is perfect: sales team, order takers, the crew. Everything works just fine, and...

Creating ecommerce solutions

Key Ingredients For All Successful eCommerce Sites

When planning your new (or next) eCommerce site, remember, don’t reinvent the wheel. There are familiar tried and true best practices established within the top performing online shops. Your strategy to sell online should borrow from success in order to achieve results. The web is in a constant state of evolution. So much so that...